Reliable At-Home Visits for Pets

Call Soft Paws Pet Grooming today and allow us to open your eyes to our trusted and efficient home visit service. Our team of pet care professionals invite our valued clients and their pets to our home for excellent, intimate pet services. This is a serious responsibility for us and one that we take great pride in. Our attention to detail and commitment to perfection is what sets us apart from other pet care companies. Don’t settle for second best when first is right here waiting for you. We promise, your pet will thank you for it.

Responsible Pet Ownership

Being a responsible pet owner requires more than ensuring your pet is fed each day and that their exercise and dietary requirements are taken care of, it also involves making mature decisions that benefit will benefit them. So, if you are someone who works 16 hours a day or have to travel frequently for work then you need to ensure that your pet is being cared for. If you live alone then this reduces your options further. Yes, you could leave your pet with friends or family but this is not always an option. Maybe you have considered professional boarding services but are worried that your pet may not react well. So, what can you do in a situation like this? The answer is simple, call us today.

In-Home Sessions for Pets

For us, professional care is our passion. It is for that reason that we work hard every day to ensure that your pet receives the optimal level of care. To ensure that our service continues to meet the high standards we set for ourselves, we strive to improve it daily. So, when it comes to in-home sessions for your pets, we promise that we cater to animals of all shapes and sizes.

Cat Calls

We like to think that your cat’s visit to our home is one of the high points in your cat’s day, and given the smile on their faces when they arrive it is easy to see why this is the case. As standard, our pet care service includes providing fresh cat food to your feline friend as well as plenty of water. On top of that, our team always devotes fifteen minutes to playing with your cat and giving them the attention they deserve. .

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